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Got Shoebox?

Pictures, that is...

Shoebox pictures
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Well, after this thread, I decided to start this community. I am absolutely no good with HTML, and I can't make this information page all fancy, so I'm keeping it simple.

Basically, this is a community for all those people who are fans of the shoebox_project.
You can post your own fan art up on this website, or you can post pictures that have to do with the SBP in any way. No icon posts please, because there's a website for that: shoebox_icons. Wouldn't want to take away members from them now, would we? :)
Keep pictures behind a LJ cut (if you don't know how to do it, ask me), for the sake of people who friend this community.
Other than that, I'm really not going to do any moderating besides maybe once in awhile giving out some sort of "idea" every month.... perhaps.

Idea for month of October:
Thursday, Oct. 28th is Shoebox Dress Up Day!
See thread above for ideas for costumes. You can either dress up on that day as your favorite shoebox character (or thing), or do it on Halloween day. Have a Shoebox party with friends, just wear a dog collar in honor of the day, walk around town dressed as nogged eggs and scaring people ... what ever you want. If you do something on either that day or Halloween, post pictures here!
Maybe we could have some sort of contest? Hmm. I'll think about it.

Idea for Shoebox Dress Up Day originally posted by cho_malfoy

Any questions, comments, or wacky ideas, e-mail me at teraulia@yahoo.com, or stop by my livejournal - aewmorn - OR! - IM me - My AIM screen name is also Aewmorn. :)

-Your mod, Aewmorn

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